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We empower you and your city government to easily engage each other for city technologies that work for you.

At mohuman, we’re working to mobilize 1 billion people to engage their city government for sensible city services that support all residents.

Imagine a city for the way you live

Your city is racing to install new technologies for public benefit without your input and needs in mind. mohuman bypasses the inefficiencies of traditional city government and resident engagement, bureaucracy and paperwork to get your needs heard and your problems solved by your city leaders.

with equal opportunities for you

A growing digital divide is accelerating inequality in your city. mohuman uses data, public education campaigns, social activism and crowdsourced policies to push the public narrative to one where you and your city leaders prioritize engagement, transparency, and your needs, regardless of your background. 

and powered by a fresh approach to changing your life

The time is right for brave, people-friendly, and culturally relevant solutions designed with the underserved in mind as a way of building for everyone. mohuman is leading the way by bringing together data-backed, cutting-edge strategies with a user-friendly platform to create a pathway for your social and economic growth.

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