2019 Update: CityLaunch

by | Sep 29, 2019

I want to share a few exciting 2019 updates over the next few weeks to focus on an updated vision of a smart society, so let me be your mayor as you read.

Most of my energy has been focused on mohuman and building coalitions between like-minded emerging philanthropic leaders of social innovation and policy ideas that bridge governments, businesses and citizens in smart and connected communities/cities.

The First major announcement is CityLaunch, a new type of national event by one these coalitions. Year one will focus on the necessity of creating sustainable smart and strategic city technology roadmaps with the CityLaunch 2019 conference serving as a kickoff to a year-long series of activities to elevate and empower our smart and connected community/city practitioners. All activities will be inclusive, cerebral and collaborative to to create and augment city technology roadmaps that incorporate intelligent technology acquisition models, inclusive citizen engagement and digital equity and support government innovation.


Ten exciting things about CityLaunch 2019

It all starts with the CityLaunch 2019 and here are ten things I am personally excited about:

  1. Strategic city technology roadmaps with strong citizen engagement and government innovation elements (See the Program)
  2. Digital Equity, Government Innovation, Digital Adoption and Transformation, Inclusive Economic Development, Citizen Engagement, 21 Century Mobility, Ethical AI, Data Privacy and Security
  3. Hearing from and engaging with known, emerging, cross sector, and unknown champions (See them)
  4. Smart Cities Roadmap Awards 2019 challenge and PechaKucha style storytelling
  5. Workshops that allow attendees to collaboratively work though actual case studies and impact other cities’ roadmaps
  6. Post-conference activities throughout the year
  7. It’s about Representation by our speakers, partners, facilitators, and attendees
  8. Breaking the norms, rules, stereotypes, and monotony with new thought leadership in the smart and connected communities space to keep it brave and real
  9. The partnerships that make CityLaunch possible
  10. Beautiful San Diego in March 10-12, 2019 at the Hard Rock Hotel

CityLaunch is the product of a collaboration between Connected Communities Collaborative, City Innovate, the City of San Diego and mohuman, my new startup organization for digital equity in technology and science.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or thoughts and please, please register today. This is the one you don’t want to miss!


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