mohuman joins 217 Groups Urging Congress to Support Affordable Broadband Access in Stimulus Bills

by | Apr 29, 2020

More Than 200 Industry, Public Interest Groups Unite to Tell Congress that Americans Need Broadband During Pandemic.

Today, mohuman joined 217 other public interest, government, industry, civil rights, rural advocacy, and academic groups — alongside schools and libraries — in a letter urging Congress to support access to affordable broadband internet in forthcoming COVID-19 stimulus packages.

In the letter, mohuman and other organizations argue that tens of millions of Americans — particularly low-income families, rural residents, and people of color — lack broadband access, leaving our most vulnerable communities struggling to stay connected with school, work, healthcare, entertainment, and their loved ones during the pandemic. Additionally, more than 26 million Americans and counting have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and these individuals may struggle to pay their broadband bills — if broadband is available to them at all.

If Congress wants to help people stay connected and engaged from home, then lawmakers should make it possible for every American to do so. mohuman urges Congress to enact policies that ensure everyone has broadband internet — especially at a time when our communication tools have never been more critical.

Dr. Nishal Mohan, Founder of mohuman said:

“As communities and cities have become more and more dependent on internet-connected services, those of us without braodband internet fall further and further behind. Universal internet access needs to be the 31st human right.”

You may view the letter here. You may also join the conversation using #WeNeedBroadband.


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