mohuman selected as a Summer 2021 Grantee from The Conrad Prebys Foundation to bridge the digital divide in the San Diego Promise Zone

by | Sep 16, 2021 | News

More momentum has been made in the mo’ movement with news breaking in August that mohuman was selected as a Summer 2021 Grantee from The Conrad Prebys Foundation to bridge the digital divide in the San Diego Promise Zone.

“The summer 2021 grant cycle is a continuation of our namesake’s passion and legacy for philanthropic giving and builds upon our inaugural grant cycle earlier this year,” said Erin Decker, director of grantmaking for The Conrad Prebys Foundation. “The Conrad Prebys Foundation is thrilled to support these 102 nonprofit organizations that are each working diligently to incite meaningful change throughout San Diego.”

So far, The Foundation has awarded more than $90 million in 2021 to deserving organizations that will positively impact the community.

All funds will be used for Project Rise Up, mohuman’s project to bridge the digital divide in San Diego, which brings digital resilience to the digitally un- and underserved in the Promise Zone. It brings high-speed, free and low-cost internet, The PEPL Network, and our digital services platform, moDAT.

According to our data, there are about 45,000 digitally underserved residents in the Promise Zone that need assistance. The population distribution is 73% LatinX, 11% Black, 5% Asian, and 11% White. 90% of the households we serve have K-12 students.


“We are grateful to the Conrad Prebys Foundation for this much needed funding and partnership. Their support will go a long way to directly bridging the digital divide with the digitally underserved and red lined communities of San Diego where government and corporate investments are severely lacking.”


-Nishal Mohan, PhD, CEO @mohuman


As a Summer 2021 Grantee, mohuman will bring in-home internet, which provides the opportunity for remote learning and bridging the homework gap. Project Rise Up also gives families and individuals access to our personalized Digital Advocate platform, moDAT. This next-generation digital navigator meets a range of digital needs and digital onramps to nondigital services for economic empowerment.

To deliver digital services, mohuman developed a novel, scalable community-nonprofit-university model for free and low-cost internet through a resilient wireless mesh network. In San Diego, we have partnered with community organizations, the Qualcomm Institute at UCSD and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC). These breakthrough model and technologies, combined with a community-first mentality create the conditions for lasting change.


The Conrad Prebys Foundation is honored to support mohuman as they work to create equitable access to digital and economic independence in San Diego. mohuman’s services are crucial to ensuring underserved youth in the Promise Zone have the digital tools necessary for success at school, at work and for overall wellbeing.


Erin Decker, Director of Grantmaking @ The Conrad Prebys Foundation

Thanks to The Conrad Prebys Foundation for helping to grow the mohuman mo’ movement through funds that are sure to shake things up in the City of San Diego. To learn more about why we do things a little differently, read more about us at 

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