The Parker Foundation funds mohuman’s Project Rise Up to End Digital Inequities in San Diego

by | Aug 5, 2021 | News

mohuman is thrilled to announce that we have secured a grant from the San Diego-based philanthropists at The Parker Foundation to fund Project Rise Up in the San Diego Promise Zone. This partnership signals especial congratulations given The Parker Foundation’s recent milestone celebrating 50 years of giving. As a recipient of that generosity, mohuman is honored to stand among the many nonprofit organizations The Parker Foundation has supported over the years. The Parker Foundation’s love for San Diego can be felt through their substantial efforts towards improving lives in the region, which works in communion with Project Rise Up’s goal to build resilient communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the awareness and impact digital inequities, and mohuman is leading the movement to ensure that children and families in low-income communities have the digital resources they need to thrive and realize their full potential. mohuman works with the most economically distressed communities in the U.S., federally defined as regional Promise Zones. Funds from The Parker Foundation will go directly toward mohuman’s Project Rise Up, piloted in the digitally underserved low-income communities of Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, and scaled to other communities by the end of 2021.

Project Rise Up brings a stack of digital services to digitally underserved residents through their machine-learning digital navigator that launched last month called moDAT. Codeveloped by community-based organizations, moDAT is a smart platform that addresses systemic inequities in education, jobs, entrepreneurship, health, finance, and government services. Still, data collection and analysis of the San Diego Promise Zone show that there are over 18,000 households with more than 45,000 digitally underserved and low-income people who do not have home internet. To deliver services like moDAT to everyone, mohuman has concurrently developed a new model and community internet infrastructure, The PEPL Network, to provide free high speed internet at home to those who cannot access or afford it.


“We are grateful to the Parker Foundation and excited by this partnership. Their support will go a long way to directly bridge the digital divide with the digitally underserved and red lined communities of San Diego where government and corporate investments are severely lacking.”


-Nishal Mohan, PhD, CEO @mohuman


mohuman drives the transfer of power and resources to digitally underserved people by hacking systemic inequities to build digital resilience and catalyze economic growth. This is all actualized by grants from funders like The Parker Foundation and through the unique community-nonprofit-university model mohuman deploys to break historical silos and bridge digital independence. The PEPL network will launch soon. moDAT is already here. For the People by the People. That’s the mohuman way.

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